Thursday, March 5, 2015

Revision: The Necessary Evil

This being March, it's commonly known around the writing universe as "EdMo." It's the month when all those word-vomit NaNo Novels get edited into something resembling an actual, well-written piece of work. I don't usually participate in EdMo, because I don't usually edit. I saw usually and that isn't entirely the case. I do edit. I edit as I write. As for revising, well, I do that too, sometimes. So here's the prompt for this month:

Easy Question: Why is it necessary?
Okay, some people will say it's because you want to be published. Well, I don't want to be published! So why is it necessary? Because I write crap! Well, it isn't ALL crap, but it can sure feel like it sometimes! I know there are plot holes and inconsistencies and that's why I have to go back and fix them, otherwise they drive me insane!

Hard Question: Do you enjoy it?
It depends. Sometimes I do, especially after it's been a while and I go back and look at a story and go "WHAT WAS I THINKING?!?!?!?!?!" I also like it when I'm looking at something I haven't looked at in YEARS! Then it's an eye opening experience to me of where I was when I wrote that! My favorite feature though is the "strike through." I love being able to "keep" my word count but get rid of things!

My novel "selfie" in mid-revision:

I use different colors for each verification period, so sometimes a novel can look like a crayon factory exploded all over my novel. But as I said above, I love the "strike" feature!

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