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Friday, March 15, 2019


So this FanGirl Friday is about the latest video that the Backstreet Boys dropped. They are doing these minute long videos. They've done each of the guys and this week, they did one about the fans.

At about :38, Brian starts talking. He mentions how when a fan waves a certain way, he does it back so that they know he sees them. I about cried when I heard that. He did that to me on the Black and Blue tour. In fact, it'll be 18 years ago this weekend. I saw that tour three times. For the third night, I knew exactly where I wanted my seats to be: the first-row balcony. I managed to secure I think third-row balcony. During the three songs they did on the mini-stage at the back, literally right in front of me it seemed, I got tired of what I was doing and started applauding in sign language. And low and behold, Brian did it back! It was the best moment of my life, up to that point. It's about as close as I've gotten to meet him. I've seen him up close: the third row at a solo show. I've seen him on the floor of the casino. But him "seeing" me was incredible. It's something I'll never forget.

Friday, February 22, 2019


I wasn't planning on doing a FanGirl Friday this week, except a couple things happened.

One: Nick about made me cry! So Wednesday, they teased on their Social Media that there was "something coming on YouTube." (When you went to the link that's where it took you.) Okay, so yesterday morning, of course, after I get home from dropping the kids off, my phone pings that they had uploaded a new video.

And Nick says something about a moment of peace and I'm all teary. Yeah, that's what they've given me over the past 3 months: peace. Thanks guys!

On to two: I was at work last night and we were going over our day. I somehow wound up on Pinterest just scrolling. And what do I see but this:

I about fell out of my chair! See, here's the funny thing, if you haven't been following my writing posts (you should!), I started writing this novel back in November. I wasn't sure where it was going to go, but it turned into this Brian/Howie vampire erotica fic. I have never written anything close to that before in my life. I have no idea where it came from. And so when this picture pops up, yeah, I about curse out loud and fall over. Good thing I didn't because no one knew I was on Pinterest pinning the Boys. But now I have a "Sweet Rok" section on my Backstreet Board!

Oh, and number three: I'm learning "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" in ASL. It's actually really fun, though probably gonna kill me in the process.

And number four: HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRIAN!!!! I've seen all the video, even from his wife. It was so cute! And he even thanked all the fans for the birthday love! This man has my heart!

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

WriYe Mid-Month Update

 photo krazikryss Thread_zps33qpt75l.png
February Goals

Goals for February:
  1. Write 10,000 words (16,500/10,000 words)
  2. Read 2 books (1/2)
  3. WriYe Blog Circle here
And the Challenges
  1. New Moon Madness (155/900 words) FAIL!
  2. 100 Word Consistency Challenge (19/28 days)
  3. 300 Word Consistency Challenge (15/15 days)
  4. Keeping Warm In February (FINISHED...WC: 9,490)
  5. WriDay (2,513/2,500 words) WIN!
  6. Full Moon Madness (1,024/1,000 words) WIN!
  7. 5k Weekend (0,000/2,500 words)
Obviously, things are going well. I've got a ton of words and I've managed to win most challenges so far. The month has one more challenge in it, and hopefully, I can win that one as well.

Otherwise, I have to update my WIPs list for you too! Well, not really my WIPs. More like my FINISHED FICS!

Works in Progress

Untitled (NaNo 2018) -- Supernatural BSB FanFic LGBT Erotica
Starting WC: 51,595
Howie is the leader of a clan of Day Walkers, half-human, half-vampires who are tasked with enforcing vampire law in Las Vegas. His clan is composed of his adviser, Kevin; his tracker, Nick; his messenger, Alex; and Brian, his new pet. They've been together for twenty-five years and things are just now coming to light. Having taken Brian as his pet, Howie is beginning to realize just how broken he is. He also realizes that Brian needs to reclaim his power over his past. But there are demons in the way; demons that seem to be coming back to haunt them. As the lawbreakers, or Gentri, seem to be growing in numbers, the leader of the vampires, Carson, is growing impatient with his Day Walker clans. He orders more clans be brought in to help with the problem. One of the new clans, however, has ties to Brian that threatens to undo all the work Howie has done with him.

Finished Fics

Hush -- Realistic BSB FanFic
Final WC: 9,840
Having lost my voice before seeing the Backstreet Boys on tour, I just happen to run into Brian at Starbucks. He is on the first day of a week-long vocal rest and struggling with the realization of a postponement. We manage to help each other through our own personal struggles.

She's a Dream -- Realistic BSB FanFic
Final WC: 9,490
Brian did something completely insane after his divorce four years prior that wound up being a dream come true. He met a girl online who knew NOTHING about him. They've been married for three years and the pressure is on from all around for him to finally tell her who he really is as the group is getting ready to release a new album and possibly go on tour again. But how will she handle the fact that he's a celebrity when she can barely handle leaving the house?

Thursday, February 14, 2019

WriYe Blog Circle: Romance

Theme: Romance

Is romance necessary in all fiction? Why or why not?

This is one of those questions that I find relatively easy to answer but difficult to defend. No, romance does not need to be in all fiction. Why not? Well, I'm not entirely sure on this, to be honest. I think it's probably because I come from a juvenile reading background. And then I also read a lot of YA. Unfortunately, a lot of YA is either romance or dystopian or both!

But no, you don't need to have romance in every story. I've written short stories that don't have romance in them. They turned out fine.

If you do have romance in your fiction, tell us about your favorite pairings. Why are they your favorite?

Well, I haven't looked back at a lot of my work from years gone by, but lately, I've been writing a lot of fanfiction. Honestly, my favorite pairing is with Brian Littrell and an original character. Yes, I live in a fantasy world. I enjoy it. Leave me alone! It's my favorite because, well, I either enjoy screwing with his "perfect" life or just having fun with his faults.

Oddly, I have done some slash pairings that surprise me. My NaNo novel for 2018 was a slash pairing of Howie and Brian. I totally wasn't expecting it, but it works for the story.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

January and February Goals

 photo krazikryss Thread_zps33qpt75l.png
January Goals

So this is the final update for January:
  1. Write 10,000 words. (23,058/10,000 words)
  2. Read 2 books. (1/2 books)
  3. WriYe Blog Circle here
I also plan to participate in the following challenges:
  1. WriDay (1,742/2,500 words) FAIL!
  2. 100 Word Consistency (31/31 days) WIN!
  3. New Moon Challenge (941/900 words) WIN!
  4. Genre Stretch -- Dystopian (started)
  5. Full Moon Madness (1,288/1,000 words) WIN!
  6. 5k Weekend (2,516/2,500 words) WIN!
So that was January. It was pretty good. Here are my winner goodies:

February Goals

Now here are my goals for February:
  1. Write 10,000 words (04,633/10,000 words)
  2. Read 2 books (0/2)
  3. WriYe Blog Circle

And the Challenges
  1. New Moon Madness (155/900 words) FAIL!
  2. 100 Word Consistency Challenge (06/28 days)
  3. Keeping Warm In February (Started...WC: 1,565)
I'm sure there will be more challenges. So far things are going well for February. I'm 6 days in and I'm already almost halfway to my goal!

Friday, January 25, 2019


Welcome to Friday!!! Best Friday EVER!!!!! Why? Backstreet Boys released a new album today! It is SO AMAZING!!!!!

Yes, I bought a digital copy and my physical copy should be arriving TODAY! They are ALL OVER EVERYWHERE this morning (and last night). I'm like jumping up and down this morning! I've already watched the Jimmy Fallon bits. (Search "Backstreet Boys Jimmy Fallon" on YouTube.)

Just found the Good Morning America stuff. Link here.

The Live with Kelly and Ryan thing hasn't been posted yet, but check back. I'll find it eventually! Okay, so apparently they are on Live today! So that will post tomorrow. But hey, they did get a mention on the Today show: here

Okay, here are the Kelly and Ryan vids:
Can't get the interview. But their website is:

Thursday, January 24, 2019

WriYe Goals Update

 photo krazikryss Thread_zps33qpt75l.png
January Goals

Thought I would update this because I kinda met my word goal. This was supposed to be posted yesterday, but life kinda got in the way.
  1. Write 10,000 words. (12,091/10,000 words)
  2. Read 2 books. (1/2 books)
  3. WriYe Blog Circle here
I also plan to participate in the following challenges:
  1. WriDay (1,742/2,500 words) FAIL!
  2. 100 Word Consistency (23/23 days)
  3. New Moon Challenge (941/900 words) WIN!
  4. Genre Stretch -- Dystopian (started)
  5. Full Moon Madness (1,288/1,000 words) WIN!
  6. 5k Weekend (0,000/2,500 words)
So yes, I did meet my monthly goal. I'm still trucking away on my NaNo novel. I can feel it is close to finishing. So I just want to keep going on it. I still need to outline it because there are a couple of plot holes or unresolved issues that need to be taken care of. I'm just finding myself having a difficult time writing right now. Not because of any one thing, but just because. So anyway, these are the goal updates as of yesterday because it should have been a WriYe Wednesday.